Tonic Featured Work
April 21, 2014
NICKELODEON - House of Anubis

Unravel the Mystery

Tonic Design Co. developed an award winning interactive timeline for Nick's hit show "House of Anubis." Cryptic clues, secrets and character insights were released daily throughout the intriguing debut season. READ MORE

Put a Bird on It

Tonic Design Co. teamed up with ClipSync to create a second screen experience for IFC's hit show Portlandia. Now fans can interact with their favorite characters in real time upon the airing of hilarious new episodes. READ MORE


Tonic Design Co. was brought in to sweeten the Mars corporate intranet. Now, marquee characters and employees become part of the same team while infusing the hallmarks that make M&M's a true brand classic. READ MORE

Stick 'Em Up

Our office printer wasn't functional for almost 2 weeks... After some extensive troubleshooting we discovered the real problem. READ MORE

Traffic Jam

Tonic Design Co. has worked closely with Wolters Kluwer's marketing team to drive traffic though a series of targeted email campaigns. Their corporate website has also taken on a fresh new look adding to the resurgence of click through rates. READ MORE

Straight Dirt

Tonic Design Co. was brought in from the bullpen to help reinvigorate Natural
Sand Co.'s flagship brand DuraEdge. A fresh new look helped solidify why DuraEdge is simply the best dirt used on Little League fields to Major League stadiums across the country. READ MORE

Chad from CKY

After returning from the Australian Soundwave tour, our old friend Chad Ginsburg from CKY stopped by to pay a visit declare himself our new leader. READ MORE

Please Touch

Tonic Design Co. developed a demo mobile application for Epocrates to enable their sales team to show off key features of upcoming products to potential or existing clients.

Love the Leaf

Tonic Design Co. worked with Mars Drinks to develop an online experience that would stimulate the senses and awaken tea enthusiasts everywhere. Office tea is no longer the same dull existence it once was. It's Bold. It's Flavorful. It's Bright Tea Co. READ MORE

Hack Sesh

It's 3:00pm, the weather is tolerable and the Tonic team can't be located. Chances are, we're in the parking lot out back kicking the footbag. Feel free to join. READ MORE

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